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High Performance Runtime Systems for Parallel Architectures

Hardware Locality

Hardware Locality offers an abstracted hierarchical portable view of the hardware topology, including processors, threads, cores, sockets, shared caches, NUMA memory nodes, together with many functions and tools to traverse/consult it. Hardware Locality supersedes the former libtopology project which was merged with the former Open MPI PLPA project.


KNEM is a high-performance implementation of MPI communication between local processes on Linux. It is distributed as the knem project at gforge.


MAQAO is a tool for analyzing and optimizing assembly code. Its principles and its general organization are fairly generic and are capable of supporting a large number of target processors and compilers.


Open-MX is a high-performance stack for message passing over generic Ethernet hardware. It is distributed as the Open-MX project at gforge.


PadicoTM is a communication framework for grids developed in collaboration with the PARIS research team. PadicoTM is the runtime infrastructure of the Padico software environment for grids. It is distributed as the Padico project at gforge.


StarPU is a unified runtime system that offers support for heterogeneous multicore architectures (GPGPUs, IBM Cell, ...). It is distributed as the StarPU project at gforge.


TreeMatch is a process placement library that maps software affinities onto hardware localities. More details on the TreeMatch page on the Inria forge.


The following sub-project is distributed within the PM2 project at gforge.

Those interested in any software within PM2 may want to browse the user's guide Getting Started with PM2 or download it as a PDF file.


NewMadeleine is a communication library that provides extended capabilities for dynamic communication optimization on top of high performance networks. It comes with a dedicated MPI implementation called Mad-MPI. NewMadeleine uses the PIOMan generic I/O Manager as an event detection library.

The following software are unmaintained.


ForestGOMP is an extension of the GNU OpenMP run-time support (aka. libgomp) that allows it to leverage Marcel's lightweight threads and bubble scheduling framework. It is distributed as the ForestGOMP project at gforge.